Actarus Project

Open Source Arduino & Android-based High Altitude Balloon with Gps Assisted auto "Return To Launch"

Launch postponed to June 22 (or 23)

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In these last days we have dedicated ourselves assiduously to planning the final details and in particular the forecasts on the trajectory.
At the present day, at the date of June 21 the launch will not be possible, si it will be postponed to a date between June 22 and June 25 (at the moment the most likely date is June 22 or 23)
It can also be a slight shift of the place.
The forecasts are reliable approximately 24 hours before the launch, so the final date will be known only on the day before the start of the mission.
You will be informed through this site, as soon as we have a stable forecast concerns the trajectory of the launch.
We should remember that these shifts are related mainly to increase the chances of recovering the data, because judging by the current, launching on 21, our payload would end the Austrian Alps, complicating or making impossible the recovery.

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