Actarus Project

Open Source Arduino & Android-based High Altitude Balloon with Gps Assisted auto "Return To Launch"

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Our sponsors and friends

We want to thank first of all, our sponsors, those who contributing materially to our project, we are making it possible.
In particular:

Techsys s.a.s. di Pozzi G. & C., located in Mazzo di Valtellina (SO), for the substantial economic contribution

Rationes s.n.c. – Elaborazione Dati, di Tirano (SO), for the substantial economic contribution

Ivan Previsdomini – Fotografo professionista, di Tirano (SO), for the material supplied

Viale 44 – Vodafone One, di Tirano (SO), for the material supplied

Soltoggio Aldo di Soltoggio Simone, located in Tirano (SO), for the economic contribution

G.P.E. s.r.l. – Generale Polistirolo Espanso, di Sarmato (PC), for the material supplied

Futura Elettronica (FuturaShop, Elettronica In), located in Gallarate (VA), for the material supplied

T.S.A. Sas di Piani Alessandro Jr & C., di Tirano (SO), for the material supplied

A.S.D. Valtellina per lo Sport), di Tirano (SO), for the support

Thanks to Emanuele Balduzzi, Marone(BS), for the precious advices.
And a special thanks to Mr. Franco Gennaro (ENAC Bergamo), for the valuable aid that led us to have the permission required!

Thanks also to all those who have forgotten to enter and who are helping directly or indirectly to the project!

The Actarus Team