Actarus Project

Open Source Arduino & Android-based High Altitude Balloon with Gps Assisted auto "Return To Launch"

Cost estimates

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As with any dream to be realized, there are also economic costs.
We have calculated the costs as follows:
(Note: These costs cover the total of 10 launches and include reserve material, such as balloons, additional cameras, etc..)
€ 3,500 – 12 units 3000g High Altitude Balloons, ropes, strings, insulating materiales  and accessories
€ 4,000 – helium gas cylinders
€ 4,500 – videocameras and accessories
€ 1,500 – APM 2.5 with telemetry and accessories (ArduPilotMega hardware – UAV platform)
€ 2,500 – RC Gliders (for R.T.L.)
€ 3,500 – electronics (Arduino Mega, Sensors, Batteries, Servos, Cables …)
€ 2,000 – smarphones, telemetry kits and accessories (for communication)
€ 3,500 – consultants, lawyers, insurance
€ 1,000 – travel
€ 1,000 – various

If u want to help us, please give us your contribute through Indiegogo:


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