Actarus Project

Open Source Arduino & Android-based High Altitude Balloon with Gps Assisted auto "Return To Launch"

What do we need (min. parts list)

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What do we need to send a high altitude balloon near space?

1 – a latex balloon of adequate size (a balloon of 1000g and 8 meters in diameter for a payload of 250 grams)
2 – a good amount of helium gas (2,000 liters for the balloon above)
3 – an adequate parachute (40 cm in diameter for a drop of 6.5 m/s)
4 – a gps tracker
5 – something to be inserted into the payload (typically camera or other)
6 – an onboard computer (Arduino or something similar)
7 – a bit of cordage
8 – the various needed authorizations
9 – a little luck 🙂

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